April 2017
Swear on our own!

For more than a quarter century, after the establishing of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, graduate students could not swear on the faculty´s own mace and the insignia had to be borrowed by the Faculty of Arts. Let’s make the dream of our own insignia a reality!

Every year thousands of students of FSV UK take both graduation and matriculation oaths. Do they know whose mace they swear on? Although we had been swearing and vowing on borrowed mace before, there is no need for our successors to continue after 25 years of existence of the faculty. And so this is how it all started...For the project announcement collection, we gained support from current as well as former deans of FSV UK - incumbent Dean Jakub Koncelik and former Deans Prof. Lubomir Mlcoch and Prof. Jan Amos Visek. We approched Mr. Otmar Oliva - the academic sculptor who was alredy contacted by the former Dean, Prof. Miloslav Petrusek, twenty years ago.

This funding is one of the last steps to fulfill a twenty year old dream!

Statement in Support of the Central European University in Budapest

The Faculty of Arts, together with other scientific and cultural institutions wants to express support to the Central European University in Budapest. Please see the open letter (for English version scroll down).

Faculty of Social Sciences is joining the declaration.

Deadline for Submission of Dissertations and Theses

Clarification of the deadline for submission of dissertations and theses:

The deadline to submit Bachelor and Master thesis in the summer semester is Friday 19th May, the deadline to apply for the Final (Bachelor and Master) State Exam is Friday 12th May.

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